The Elements of Legal Style: Hair Accessories

It’s no big secret that the legal profession is ultra conservative, but dressing for the office doesn’t need to be boring.  Welcome to The Elements of Legal Style, where The Law Babe will highlight the chicest office-appropriate style options, so that you can dress like a partner even on an associate budget. 

The law babe (5)

Hello, Law Babe.  Sometimes, you just need to pull your hair back.  In my case, that’s approximately 90% of the time if we’re being real.  A super easy way to add some polish to your hair while getting it out of your face (i.e. when you’re too lazy/tired/busy/whatever to actually wash it) is to add a great hair accessory.


The one rule I have for pulled back hair?  Save the messy bun for out of the office.  It’s fine to pull your hair back as long as you don’t look like you’ve come from the gym.  That’s not the polished look we’re after.  I also tend to steer clear of headbands, as I think they have the potential to make us look a little too school-girlish.  I don’t think they’re totally off limits, but tread lightly.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite office-appropriate accessories below:


France Luxe Ribbon Bow Tige Boule Barrette ($32)




L. Erickson Rectangle Barrette – Animal Instincts ($24)


Alexandre de Paris Small Jaw Clip ($45)


Mrs. President & Co. The Lucky Charmed Barrette ($70)


France Luxe Elodie Cuff Ponytail Holder ($18)

Do you have any hair tips or tricks for the days you just can’t even?  Let us know!

Stay Smart, Law Babe!


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