Beauty Files: Perfume Etiquette and 5 Office Appropriate Perfumes

Let’s talk about perfume etiquette today, Law Babe.  Every one of us has encountered a coworker who subscribes to the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to perfume.  An overpowering scent is distracting and can even make you sick.


Let’s touch on some rules when it comes to perfume in the workplace:

1.  Less is more.  You already know this, but it bears repeating.  The cardinal rule for perfume in the office (and everywhere, if you ask me) is that a little bit goes a long way.  Please do not take a bath in your heaviest perfume.  A light spritz will do just fine.  Others should only be able to smell your perfume if they come within a foot or two of you.  If your colleagues can smell you before you come into a room or after you leave, you need to put the bottle down.

2.  Stick to a light scent for the office.  The office is not the place to debut your new bottle of Chanel No.  5.  Save the heavy/musky/sexy/grandma scents for date night.  Light floral and citrus scents are best for the workplace.  Similarly, you may wish to wear an eau de toilette rather than an eau de parfum, because the eau de toilette has a lower concentration of aromatic oils (and therefore a lower risk of offending everyone around you).

3. Don’t reapply.  You swear you applied perfume before heading out the door, but now you can’t smell it.  Or you hit that Chinese joint for lunch and now you swear you smell like a greasy kitchen.  Resist the urge to reapply your perfume!  We become nose blind over time, so even if you can’t smell your fragrance anymore, others still can.  That extra spritz or two can turn your subtle scent into an overpowering one.

More and more workplaces have outright banned fragrances in the office, so definitely play by the rules if yours is one of them.  If not, here are five office-appropriate perfumes that smell gorgeous and won’t offend your colleagues:


Chloe Eau de Parfum Spray ($105-$132) smells like a beautiful garden party, and is light, refreshing and summery.


Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray ($80-$130) is both delicate and radiant, with a light, fruity trail.


Jo Malone fragrances are all amazing, but the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne ($65-$135) is combination of bergamot and driftwood, making it fresh, alive, and woody.


Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette ($95-$135) was inspired fig tree in the heat of the summer in Greece.  Enough said.


Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolue ($135-$195) was inspired by clementines in California and is fruity, sweet, and sunny.

Do you have any favorite perfumes for daily wear?  Share with us in the comments below!

Stay Smart and Sexy, Law Babe!


Beauty Files: Top Tips for an Office Appropriate Manicure

Hey, Law Babe.  I want to talk about nails for a minute.  I have seen far too many travesties in my professional life to ignore this topic.  You are a Law Babe, and your manicure needs to reflect that.  You know when you show up to a meeting with a chipped aquamarine nail polish and ragged cuticles leftover from your 10 day old manicure? The answer is no, you don’t.  Why?  Because duh, you’re so much better than that.  Don’t ever be that girl.


That said, let’s talk about some basic office manicure principles.

1.   Stick to neutrals.  Save the wild colors for the NKOTB rerun tour, not Tuesday’s client meeting.   I assure you that your senior partner does not give a hoot that metallic nails are so summer 2018.  Seriously, please stick with neutral nail polish.  For what it’s worth, I also think that reds and pinks are socially acceptable nail colors in a professional setting.  Sorry ladies, but this goes for toes too.  Let Debbie in receivables get wild with her nails, but please keep it basic on your end.  Plus, let’s just call a spade a spade, everyone knows that wild color nails are horrendous after the age of 12 anyway.

2.  Keep the length respectable!  You know what I’m talking about.  Please no talons – you are a lawyer, not a stripper (NOT that there is anything wrong with that).  Conversely, you do not need to wear your anxiety on your sleeve and have bitten down stubs on display for your colleagues.  The same rules go for shape.  For god’s sake, none of those super pointy nails.  In fact, let’s just make a hard and fast rule here – if someone is going to react to your nails in any sort of surprised way (like, “ooh…wow…your nails are so glittery/long/terrifying/etc.”), then you’ve gone awry.  If that ever happens, please report immediately to your nearest CVS for polish remover.

3.  Be mindful about your nails during meetings.   Embarrassing story alert.  One time I sat in a CLE, bored out of my mind, and secretly picked the nail polish off my nails under the table.  To my utter horror, I didn’t realize that the carpet was dark, so when I got up at the end of the day my entire area was covered with bits of nail polish! I was truly shook.  Everyone probably thought I had god awful dandruff or something.  I totally learned my lesson the hard way… just keep your hands off your nails at work.

4.  You don’t need to always get your nails professionally done, but it can’t hurt to scope out a local nail salon.  If you have a local spot close to your office, it becomes much easier to run across the street to grab a quick polish change during the workday.  This is especially convenient given that most salons close by 7 during the week.  Just don’t pull this little stunt on the afternoon that your huge deal is closing, because you won’t be able to check your email for a little while (again, learn from my mistakes).

I’ve rounded up a few of my go-to nail colors that will keep you looking super polished (pun intended) at the office below:


No surprises here.  Essie’s Ballet Slippers ($9) is a cult classic and looks beautiful on every skin tone.


Julep’s Anna ($14) is a beautiful soft grey that will keep you on-trend, but perfectly professional at the office.


OPI’s Big Apple Red ($10.50) is the classic go-to red for all you red nail devotees out there.  Talk about a power mani!


Chanel’s Beige Beige ($28) is another timeless classic.

What are your favorite work-appropriate nail colors?  Leave your tips (again, pun intended) in the comments!

Stay Smart, Law Babe!