Travel Tips: A Solo Business Trip to San Antonio

Hi again, Law Babe!

I’m writing this post from the San Antonio airport, where I am ready to head home after a quick 48 hour trip to San Antonio to give a presentation.  This was my first trip to San Antonio, and I am impressed! I’d love to come back at some point for play.

In the meantime, though, I got a bit of the lay of the land and am sharing some of my perspective and tips for San Antonio travel if you ever find yourself heading to San Antonio on a solo business trip.

First things first.  I stayed at the lovely Hotel Valencia, which is situated perfectly on San Antonio’s River Walk (which I had heard about, but never experienced firsthand!).  Hotel Valencia was elegant and felt like a far departure from the typical corporate chain hotels that I typically stay at.  And yet, the meeting I was attending was held here and the space for the meeting was great.  From a work perspective, this hotel was great for getting a few things done.  When I needed to print my PowerPoint presentation, the lobby printers worked perfectly and spared me from any last minute tech anxieties.  My room was huge by my east coast standards, and I had more than enough room to finish my presentation at the hotel desk.  My only critique would be that the second night of my stay, a Thursday, a group of girls were next door, and definitely preparing for a night out on the town around 9 or 10 pm.  I would have been upset if I had had an early meeting today and needed to sleep, but no big deal since a) I had no meetings today, and b) once they left, it was fine.  I would 100% consider staying at Hotel Valencia if I find myself coming back to San Antonio for work or for play.

Looking for a place to eat solo that won’t be too awkward?  I found two great spots right along the river walk, where I felt both welcomed and relaxed as a solo diner.

First, I loved The Iron Cactus.  The food was great, the margaritas were amazing, and there were lots of other solo people sitting outside for happy hour, which made me feel totally at ease.  The outdoor garden is beautiful, and the abundant plants provided some cooling shade.

I also enjoyed eating at Ostra.  Ostra also had a lovely outdoor patio that felt a bit more upscale than some of the other super touristy bars and restaurants along the river walk.  As a solo traveler on a work trip, I certainly wasn’t looking to go nuts!  San Antonio definitely seems like a drinking town, so I was glad to have found a spot that didn’t feel so much like that.  The staff at Ostra also made me feel very welcomed as a solo diner.  I would go back!

Do you have any solo travel experiences with San Antonio?!  Comment with your tips!

Stay smart and sexy, Law Babe!

Travel Tips: The One Easy Way I’ve Learned To Make Work Travel Fun


Hey, Law Babe!

Today I wanted to share with you the one easy tip I’ve learned to make travel for work not only tolerable, but dare I even say… fun.  I travel for work quite a bit, particularly since I have made the transition into the in house/consulting world.  In fact, I spend up to 50% of my work time on the road, which translates into plenty of hotel stays.  I’m currently writing this from an airport.  I’ll share my top travel tips for business travel soon enough, but for now I wanted to share the easiest way that I’ve learned to make business travel feel (almost) indulgent and luxurious.

bath blur brush candles

I always, always, always travel with a little kit of my “spa” stuff that I bring with me in my luggage, and treat myself in my hotel room with a mini facial, manicure, whatever!  It’s such a simple way to feel like I’m taking care of myself even when I can’t be at home, and it always feels a little bit luxurious.  I like to pretend I’m in a five star spa, even when I’m just at the average corporate Hilton… ok, well a Law Babe can dream.

You know those sample products you get with Birch Box, or from Nordstrom, or whatever?  Yep, those little samples that end up sitting unused in your bathroom forever.  Use them!  Pack them up for your next business trip and have a blast testing them all out.  I’ve also found that those sheet masks that are everywhere these days are completely perfect for travel: they’re flat, easily packable, individually wrapped (so no plane explosions!), and aren’t “liquids” for purposes of air travel.  Bonus points for not having to subject your significant other to the terror of what you look like while wearing a sheet mask at home.  Seriously! What better way to pass some time while you might be otherwise bored in a hotel room?!  I also like to pack a little travel sized candle and pick up a half bottle of nice wine to really indulge myself in my spa time.

This is such a little tip that has truly made a big difference in my work travel experience.  I love bringing a little bit of a spa feeling into an otherwise sterile hotel environment, feeling like I’m indulging myself in a mini-facial, and coming home a little bit more refreshed than I might have otherwise!

Do you have any tips or tricks for making business travel a little bit more enjoying while you’re on the road?!  Comment and share!

Stay Smart and Sexy, Law Babe!  xoxo